Kitchen Modifications

The kitchen has always been a place for family and socializing. It is often the heart of the home. Making changes to your kitchen that increase its usability can make it safer and easier to use for the entire family. Different people have different physical capabilities. Some are tall, others are short, some want to sit when working while others prefer to stand. So the kitchen, where so much activity takes place, should be adaptable to the needs of any individual. Some modifications for providing this kind of accessibility can be expensive. Others can be accomplished less expensively. Even small changes can make your kitchen easier and safer to carry out everyday activities. At Adaptive Living Designs we know that having a kitchen that is accessible is one of the keys to independent living. Our kitchen modifications are designed to be both functional and attractive.

They include:

  • lowering cabinets
  • adjusting the height or location of the sink
  • installing open shelves or shelves that pull-out and pull-down
  • using drawer or counter-height microwave ovens
  • multi-level countertops
  • installing D-shaped cabinet and drawer pulls/handles
  • installing hands-free faucets
Accessible Kitchen Sink

Wheelchair accessible kitchen sink

Moveable Shelving

Moveable shelving

For more information on improving your kitchen’s accessibility, e-mail us at or call us at 920-988-2476.

We provide a written estimate for the work you would like us to do for you. We also draft a contract for your review and approval before any work begins.

All home modifications contracted through Adaptive Living Designs comply with state and local building codes.