Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values


Our purpose at Adaptive Living Designs is to “Create functional home environments for individuals who would like to continue living in their homes by providing them with customized, practical solutions that incorporate universal design philosophies to support independent living. We do this by focusing on each individual’s success and satisfaction, embracing new technologies, and pursuing educational opportunities.”


We will be a trusted and valued partner in providing our clients with customized, practical solutions that enable them to live graciously in their homes.


Provide customized, practical solutions that create accessible, convenient, and comfortable homes for anyone in need of adaptive living accommodations.


Customer Focus

  • We are committed to our clients’ success and satisfaction.
  • We demonstrate respect and compassion when responding to their needs.


  • We earn trust through ethical behavior, open and honest communication, and respecting those with whom we work.


  • We are self-disciplined in our efforts and accountable for our actions, decisions, and commitments.

Collaborative Partnerships

  • We encourage cooperation and support between clients, vendors, and ourselves so that we can all achieve mutually beneficial results.


  • We provide innovative ideas and creative solutions that make a positive difference in our clients’ lives.


  • We pursue educational opportunities that enhance our understanding of trends and changes in our field.
  • We seek out new ideas and products that can improve the safety and functionality of our clients’ homes.


  • We create and maintain clean and safe work environments.


  • We believe in a positive attitude.
  • A positive attitude is contagious.
  • It lifts our spirits and those of the people around us.